ISC High Performance 2017 Program

Agenda Planner

The 2017 conference attendees can look forward to three days of thought-provoking sessions, based on the year’s focus topics. In keeping with ISC tradition, the conference will be preceded by a day of tutorials and followed by a day of workshops.


All ISC 2017 calls for submission are now officially closed.


  • Conference Keynote
  • Tuesday Keynote
  • Wednesday Keynote

2017 Focus Topics

HPC Systems

  • Exascale System Developments (Architecture & Concepts)
  • Processor Technologies for HPC and AI - Convergence or Divergence?
  • Exascale Concepts for Programming Models

HPC Applications

  • High Performance Computing in Life Sciences
  • Big Data Experiments & Big Data Analysis (Driving the Convergence of Big Compute and Big Data in HPC)
  • How HPC Influences Energy Exploration
  • Turbulence and Combustion
  • Advanced Material Science

Emerging Topics

  • High Performance Visualization
  • Large Scale Engineering & Cloud Computing
  • Quantum Annealing and Its Applications for Simulation in Science and Industry
  • Deep Learning Goes HPC (Deep Learning Day)
  • How HPC Influences Industry (Industrial Day)