Reinventing HPC

The Event for High Performance Computing, Machine
Learning, Data Analytics & Quantum Computing

What a homecoming for the HPC community! From May 12 to 16, the event created a vibrant atmosphere, uniting 3,416 attendees from academic, research, and business sectors. Together, they showcased their latest research and technological advancements, and engaged in discussions about collaboratively reinventing HPC.


IEEE XploreAll ISC 2024 research papers are published as fully open access in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.



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ISC 2025

ISC returns to the Congress Center Hamburg from June 10-13, 2025.
Join us at ISC 2025 for the 40th edition of ISC!
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ISC 2024 - Reinventing HPC

As Moore's Law slows down and semiconductor fabrication costs rise, high performance computing (HPC) is at a critical juncture. Cloud hyperscalers are increasingly dominating computing economics by utilizing custom semiconductors. Meanwhile, AI advancements are transforming scientific computation and our approach to achieving scientific breakthroughs. However, HPC remains the core engine for enabling machine learning applications with ever-rising performance requirements.


During his keynote speech at ISC 2023, Professor Dan Reed proposed a fundamental change in the current approaches to designing and constructing high performance computing systems.

Professor Michela Taufer, ISC 2024 Program Chair, will lead the community in exploring the opportunities and challenges of reinventing HPC. The program will cover emerging technologies and new ways of interaction between HPC, AI, and Quantum Computing. The discussions will include achievements and outlooks from vendors, service providers, and users on keeping up with changes in the HPC landscape.


ISC 2024 Wrap-Up and a Peek at 2025

ISC 2024 Wrap-Up and a Peek at 2025

ISC 2024 ended a few weeks ago as the most successful event in the conference series, post-COVID. The high performance computing–focused community forum brought together 3,416 end users, as well as 160 technology developers and providers from 59 countries for an intense exchange of insights and ideas under the theme “Reinventing HPC.”

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Torsten Hoefler to Lead ISC in New Direction at 40th Event

Torsten Hoefler to Lead ISC in New Direction at 40th Event

We are excited to announce Torsten Hoefler as the program chair for ISC 2025. Hoefler is a Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich and leader of the Scalable Parallel Computing Lab at the university. He is widely recognized for his expertise in combining artificial intelligence with high performance computing and is currently serving as the Chief Architect for Machine Learning at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center.

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