Shaping Tomorrow

Organizational Objectives

As an organization committed to sustainability and the broader goal of social good, we feel it is necessary to minimize any negative impact on the environment and society due to our business activities. As a result, we aim to conserve natural resources, as well as respect human rights and international labor standards. We believe supporting these objectives are consistent with achieving our business goals, while also ensuring that we are a responsible member of the industry we serve.


Environmental Sustainability


  • We don’t use single-use disposable plates and cutlery at the event, but only porcelain dishes, silverware and glasses.
  • The cups offered at the water dispensers throughout the conference venue are made from PLA instead of conventional plastic.
  • We reuse our booth modules and signages made out of pressed wood, as well as our roll-ups.
  • The ISC team walks to the conference venue and shares cabs for longer excursions.
  • Messe Frankfurt´s commitment to recycling before, during and after the conference can be found here.
  • We want to continue keeping our paper use to a minimum by offering most information digitally before and during the conference.
  • The ISC team mostly commutes via train to regional business meetings and to the conference venue (throughout the year).



  • 100 percent of the electricity provided within Hall 3 and the Forum is sourced by renewable energy. For more information please click here.
  • Good news, there will be more greens and vegetarian options at the event this year!
  • The conference bags are made from organic cotton and so are our student volunteers`
  • The ISC Pocket Guide which you can obtain onsite will be slimmer this year, and printed on recycled paper and mineral oil free inks. Use our digital Attendee Guide and the Agenda Planner additionally.
  • Our student volunteers will be contributing to our effort by using public transportation at all times.
  • We will be handing out over 400 drinking bottles to attendees at the Pre-Conference Party, and hope those bottles will be used and re-filled.
Social Sustainability


We will continue to promote students and early career programs as community building is important to us. These include the ISC HPC Career Day, the Travel Grant Program, Student Cluster Competition and the PhD Forum. For more information please see our ISC 2020 Student & Early Career Programs Brochure.

As in 2019 we will not be sending out seasonal greeting cards and gifts in 2020, but we plan to support a local organization instead. In 2019 we supported the youth and children of Wespin Stift in Mannheim.

Shaping Tomorrow



Think Long Term, Act Short Term

Living up to our commitment to reduce wastage and carbon footprint in the long run, we will be adopting certain measures at the event. These are some of the more immediate measures you can experience at the future conferences:

  • Cutting down waste of food by optimizing calculation
  • Raising amount of vegetarian and vegan meal options


ISC 2020 Sustainability Partners

A big shout out to our sustainability partners who generously supported our sustainability goals by sponsoring the below-mentioned items.