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Andrew Lumsdaine is an internationally recognized expert in the area of high-performance computing who has made important contributions in many of the constitutive areas of HPC. In particular, he has contributed in the areas of HPC systems, programming languages, software libraries, and performance modeling. His work in HPC has been motivated by data-driven problems (large-scale graph analytics), as well as more traditional computational science problems. In addition, outside of the realm of HPC, he has done seminal work in the area of computational photography and plenoptic cameras. In his career, he has published more than 200 articles in top journals and conferences and holds 15 patents. Dr. Lumsdaine also has contributed important software artifacts to the research community, especially in the area of Message Passing Interface (MPI). He also is active in a number of standardization efforts with important contributions to the MPI specification, the C++ language, and the Graph 500.
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