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Rosa M Badia holds a PhD on Computer Science (1994) from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). She is the manager of the Workflows and Distributed Computing group at the BSC. Her current research interests include programming models for distributed computing platforms and its integration with novel storage technologies. The group lead by Dr. Badia has been developing StarSs programming model, including OmpSs, for more than 10 years, with a high success in adoption by application developers. Currently the group focuses its efforts in PyCOMPSs/COMPSs, an instance of the programming model for distributed computing, with the goal of building workflows that combine computational and analytics aspects. The initial target platforms for PyCOMPSs/COMPSs were traditional large clusters and cloud computing platforms. More recently this has been extended to include mobile devices and edge devices, with the objective of orchestrating the execution of workflows in fog-to-fog and fog-to-cloud scenarios. Rosa Badia is also involved in international strategic initiatives as the BDEC2 that focuses on platforms that include edge devices, HPC and cloud, for applications combining computation with analytics and artificial intelligence. The group of Dr Badia is involved in multiple European Projects and in a research collaboration with FUJITSU.
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