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Gard Thomassen
Author Gard Thomassen has an Master of Science in Computer Science and a PhD in
Bioinformatics. Thomassen worked at the Oslo University Hospital as a PostDoc and was
part of the team doing the first DNA exome and RNA transcriptome sequencing of tumor
and normal samples in Norway om 2010. In 2012 Thomassen started at the University
Centre for Information Technology (USIT) at the University of Oslo as project leader for
building a system for storage, analysis and collection of personal sensitive data (TSD).
These services now represent the national solution for large scale research on sensitive data
and hosts more than 2,5 PiB of data, 3000 users in more than 560 research projects, more
than 1000VMs and a 2000+ core High Performance Computing cluster. TSD has also
delivered the IT infrastructure for clinical deep sequencing at the Oslo University Hospital
since 2015. Today, Thomassen is Division Head for Research Computing Services, and Assistant Director at USIT, and he is responsible for supporting a wide range of subjects including Sensitive Data, Digital Humaniora,Statistics, Digital Collections, Mass Storage, Museum IT, AI and High Performance Computing.
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Exascale Systems
Molecular Research
Personalized Medicine