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Andrew has worked with HPC for over 20 years in industry, government and academia, and is acknowledged as one of the leading voices on the business aspects of HPC.

Andrew's career included several years as a researcher, developing codes and applying HPC to real world problems, management roles in multiple supercomputing services, and numerous acquisition, datacentre, strategy and service planning projects.

Andrew is now Vice-President for HPC Consulting at NAG, leading NAG's international HPC consulting practice, working with industry and public sector clients around the world.

Andrew is also active in delivering tutorials (e.g. at SC), executive courses (e.g. HPC leadership training institute with TACC), and other courses on HPC procurement, benchmarking, Total Cost of Ownership, strategy, etc. Andrew is a regular invited author for various HPC publications and is active on twitter as @hpcnotes.
Clouds and Distributed Computing
HPC Centre Planning and Operations