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Patrick Wohlschlegel
Patrick Wohlschlegel leads the vision for Arm’s software development solutions strategy for scientific computing in Arm, helping a worldwide scientific community to increase the pace of their research and ensure the robustness and efficiency of scientific applications. For over a decade, Patrick has been providing valuable advice and expertise around the development of reliable and efficient large-scale applications for developers running some of the world’s biggest applications. Earlier in his career, Patrick worked as a field engineer at Allinea, a world leading software development tools provider, best known for its flagship debugger, DDT. Allinea was acquired by Arm in 2016 and since then, Patrick’s role has extended to include responsibility for Arm’s tools offering for supporting cross-platform application development, which includes the Arm Allinea Studio, a comprehensive suite with compilers, libraries, debugging and performance analysis tools for developing scientific applications on Arm-based architectures.
Exascale Systems
Extreme-Scale Computing
Heterogeneous Systems
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Scientific Software Development