InfiniBand, Omni-Path, and High-speed Ethernet for Beginners
Event Type
Communication Optimization
Computer Architecture
Exascale Systems
TimeSunday, June 16th9am - 1pm
DescriptionInfiniBand (IB), Omni-Path, and High-speed Ethernet (HSE) technologies are
generating a lot of excitement towards building next generation High-End
Computing (HEC) systems including clusters, datacenters, file systems, storage,
cloud computing and Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, HBase and Memcached) environments.
RDMA over Converged Enhanced Ethernet (RoCE) technology is also getting widely
deployed. This
tutorial will provide an overview of these emerging technologies, their offered
architectural features, their current market standing, and their suitability for
designing HEC systems. It will start with a brief overview of IB, Omni-Path, and
HSE. In-depth overview of the architectural features of IB, Omni-Path, and HSE
(including iWARP and RoCE), their similarities and differences, and the
associated protocols will be presented. Next, an overview of the OpenFabrics
stack which encapsulates IB, HSE, and RoCE (v1/v2) in a unified manner will be
presented. An overview of libfabrics stack will also be provided.
Hardware/software solutions and the market trends behind IB, Omni-Path, HSE, and
RoCE will be highlighted. Finally, sample performance numbers of these
technologies and protocols for different environments will be presented.
Content Level The content level will be as follows: 60% beginner, 30%, intermediate, and 10% advanced.
Target AudienceThis tutorial is targeted for newcomers as well as researchers, managers, and administrators working in the areas of high-performance communication, and I/O, storage, networking, middleware, virtualization, cloud computing, deep learning, big data, and applications related to high-end systems.
PrerequisitesThere is no fixed pre-requisite. As long as the attendee has a general knowledge in high-performance computing, networking, storage, and related issues, he/she will be able to understand and appreciate it. The tutorial is designed in such a way that an attendee gets exposed to the topics in a smooth and progressive manner.
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering