Shaping Tomorrow

Contributed Program

The ISC conference series, particularly the Contributed Program offers opportunities to shape the conference program through community submissions. The ISC Contributed Program enables practitioners and researchers in high performance computing to present their latest results, discuss future work, and network with their peers.

All calls for submissions for the contributed program are managed by a chair and deputy chair, aided by an international committee in their respective areas of interest. This committee is fully responsible for reviewing and accepting submissions of the highest quality and organizing a varied program.

The ISC Contributed Program comprises:

Research Papers
Research Posters
Project Posters
PhD Forum
Birds of a Feather

The ISC Contributed Program will open for submission this summer.


ISC 2021 Chairs
  •  ISC 2021 Program Chair Martin Schulz
  •  ISC 2021 Program Deputy Chair Keren Bergman
  • ISC 2021 Research Papers Chair Brad Chamberlain
  • ISC 2021 Research Posters Chair Keita Teranishi
  • ISC 2021 PhD Forum Chair Olga Pearce
  • ISC 2021 Tutorials Chair Kevin Huck
  • ISC 2021 Workshops Chair Heike Jagode
  • ISC 2021 BoF's Chair Masha Sosonkina
  • ISC 2020 HPC In Asia Chair Lin Gan
  • ISC 2021 Proceedings Chair Hatem Ltaif
  • ISC 2021 Publicity Chair Karsten Trinitis
  • ISC 2021 Project Posters Chair Erwan Raffin