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ISC High Performance 2020 Inclusivity

ISC High Performance is recognized internationally for its strength in bringing together research, academic and commercial disciplines to share knowledge in the field of high performance computing. With our first event dating back over 30 years, we’ve created a community of people who span the globe. Over that period we have welcomed attendees from over 80 countries, which has made ISC a highly diverse and inclusive event.

The ISC 2020 Inclusivity Chair, Laura Schulz from Leibniz Supercomputing Centre and Co-Chair, Kim McMahon from Cloud Native Computing Foundation, will be actively sharing their experience in executing a sustainable plan regarding improving inclusivity at our conference.



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Inclusivity is more than numbers. It’s about everyone feeling welcome, without regard to gender, nationality, or sexual orientation. It’s about building a community of people who care about each other, help each other succeed, and are there to support each other. It’s a mindset. It’s building a HPC village.

In this spirit, we are proud to host Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) at ISC 2020, to support their vision to educate and collaborate with the HPC community and encourage participation by providing knowledge, fellowships, and support to women, and the organizations that employ them.



ISC is committed to inclusivity as a culture and a first-hand experience. A diverse conference is just one step in fostering a welcoming event. Below are a few of the ways we are supporting our commitment to the community.

  • Attendees FAQ: Looking for that one-stop for all ISC information? It’s here in the Attendee FAQ.
  • Code of Conduct: Our Code of Conduct outlines guidelines for a harassment-free experience for all our participants.
  • Navigating ISC: The First-Time Attendee session introduces attendees to all the conference has to offer. Learn the tips and tricks to make the most of your ISC experience and come out of this session with new friends! This popular session is led by our Inclusivity co-chairs Kim and Laura. It is held Monday at 1pm.
  • Partnering with WHPC: We are devoted to encouraging the activities of WHPC at ISC and their vision, including their poster presentation, BoF, and workshop session. To see all the WHPC activities at ISC, click here.
  • Quiet Room: It’s about staying well while attending the conference. All attendees may feel free to use the Quiet Room as needed. It is a physical space where electronics, conversation, and interaction are not allowed. Attendees can go when they need a break to recharge, meditate, or pray. You can find the Quiet Room in Hall 3, on Level 3.C.
  • Students @ ISC: Through this program, we strive to build the next generation of advanced computing practitioners and nurture a passion for HPC and all related technologies. These are our future community members!
  • Travel Grant: The Travel Grant provides financial support to students and young researchers to support their path to HPC knowledge and skills.
  • Venue Accessibility: The Messe Frankfurt provides information outlining the accessible components available at the conference center.

Do you have other ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Send your thoughts to


We publish statistics to reflect the diversity of the conference and we will continue to track our attendees and where in the world they have traveled from. We strive for a balance in our invited and contributed programs, as well as in the selection of session chairs and committee members. The geographic diversity highlights the internationality of the conference. Close to 80 percent of our attendees are from outside of Germany, and our conference sessions are designed to reflect this diversity.


Diversity in the Conference Program at ISC 2019

Diversity Conference Program ISC 2019


Breakdown of Attendees vs. Session Chairs at ISC 2019

ISC Attendees vs. Session Chairs


Where ISC Attendees Come From 


Attendee Age Breakdown at ISC 2019

Diversity Conference Program ISC 2019

ISC 2020 Inclusivity Committee
  • Laura Schulz, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, (Chair)
  • Kimberly McMahon, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, United States of America (Co-Chair)
  • Nages Sieslack, ISC Group, Germany