Shaping Tomorrow

Invited Program

The ISC Invited Program is comprised of handpicked topics addressed in signature sessions distinctive to the conference. These are clustered in the following formats:

Distinguished Speaker Series
Focus Sessions
Machine Learning Day
Industrial Day
HPC in Asia

The full invited program will be published online by the end March 2021, coinciding with the registration.


An Invited Program Committee (IPC) has been formed to structure and organize the majority of the above formats. Specifically the Focus Sessions and the Machine Learning Day will be designed according to five areas of interest, namely system architecture, applications/algorithms, emerging technology, parallel programming & performance modeling, and machine learning.

The IPC consists of the following members:

  • ISC program team (with Gerhard Wellein & Georg Hager)
  • ISC 2021 Program and Deputy Program Chairs (Martin Schulz & Keren Bergman)
  • ISC Track Leaders

The five Track Leaders are well-known researchers in their respective fields within the HPC domain. They will be lending their expertise in organizing the ISC Invited Program tracks for ISC 2021.


For the biographies of ISC 2021 Track Leaders, please click here.