ISC 2019 Chairs

  • Yutong Lu
  • Carsten Trinitis
  • Florina Ciorba
  • Sunita Chandrasekaran
  • Ekaterina Tutlyaeva
  • Sandra Wienke
  • Sadaf Alam
  • Simon McIntosh-Smith
  • Kengo Nakajima
  • Michele Weiland
ISC 2019 Steering Committee

The members of the ISC Steering Committee are distinguished HPC experts and decision makers who provide guidance on the conference program and help enhance publicity, acceptance and growth of ISC in industry, research and academia.


ISC 2019 Research Papers Committee

The Research Papers Committee sets up the research paper sessions, based on a call-for-papers procedure. 

  • Carsten Trinitis, TU Munich, Germany (Research Papers Chair)
  • Saday Sadayappan, Ohio State University, USA (Research Papers Deputy Chair)

Architectures, Networks & Infrastructure

  • Antonino Tumeo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA (Track Chair for Architectures & Networks)
  • to be announced soon

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Xipeng Shen, North Carolina State University, USA (Track Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
  • to be announced soon


Data, Storage & Visualization

  • Kathryn Mohror, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA (Track Chair for Data, Storage & Visualization)
  • to be announced soon


HPC Algorithms

  • Didem Unat, Koç Universitesi, Turkey (Track Chair for HPC Algorithms)
  • to be announced soon


HPC Applications

  • Srinivas Aluru, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (Track Chair for HPC Applications)
  • to be announced soon


Performance Modeling & Measurement 

  • Bernd Mohr, Juelich Supercomputing Centre, (Track Chair for Performance Modeling & Measurement)
  • to be announced soon


Programming Models & Systems Software 

  • Brad Chamberlain, Cray, USA (Track Chair for Programming Models & Systems Software)
  • to be announced soon


Emerging Technologies

  • Damian Steiger, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Track Chair for Emerging Technologies)
  • to be announced soon