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The annual ISC High Performance Jack Dongarra Early Career Award and Lecture Series commemorates Professor Jack Dongarra’s lifelong contributions to the field of high performance computing and to the HPC community. The award and lecture will be incorporated into the conference series starting in 2023.

Jack Dongarra Early Carreer Award

The award will go to an upcoming researcher (with a career span range of 5-18 years after PhD), who has been a catalyst for scientific progress through exceptional work in their field. In particular, outstanding individuals in the field of high performance computing within areas such as numerical algorithms and software libraries; computational sciences, and mathematics, as well as machine learning, will be considered for this award.


Nomination and Selection Process

In 2023 members of the Steering Committee will nominate the award candidates. The selection process will be subject to the scrutiny of an international committee headed by the ISC Deputy Program Chair Prof Michela Taufer, who co-incidentally holds the Jack Dongarra Professorship in HPC within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA.

Award Committee
  • Michela Taufer - University of Tennessee, USA (Chair)
  • Jack Dongarra - University of Tennessee, USA (Co Chair)
  • Rosa Badia - Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
  • Ewa Deelman - USC Information Sciences Institute, USA
  • Horst Gietl - ISC Group, Executive Consultant, Germany
  • Satoshi Matsuoka - RIKEN Center for Computational Science, Japan
  • Dan Reed - University of Utah, USA
The Award and Lecture

Professor Torsten Hoefler of ETH Zurich, Switzerland is selected as the inaugural Jack Dongarra Early Career Award recipient. This award acknowledges his significant contributions to converging HPC and AI. Torsten will deliver a 30-minute talk and participate in a Q&A after the awarding session.

Prof. Dongarra himself will present the accolade to the recipient at ISC 2023. The award includes a cash prize of 5,000 Euros and a certificate of recognition. The award announcement will be incorporated into the ISC opening session on Monday, May 22, 2023. The award ceremony will take place during the lecture session on Monday.


The award winner's lecture will be published in the International Journal of High Performance Computer Applications.