Machine Learning Day at ISC 2019

Machine learning has become a vital topic within the HPC community, including those who attend the ISC High Performance conference and exhibition. This is true of both vendors, who see the development as an opportunity to expand their high-performance solutions into a new and fast-growing market, and traditional HPC users, who are increasingly incorporating these techniques into their workflows to speed processing and extract greater insights.

The one-day track on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, will expand on last year's program which encompassed multiple topics, including how machine learning applications are influencing HPC architectures, the challenges of scalable machine learning on HPC systems, software for machine learning on HPC, and how the technology is being applied by both commercial users and researchers.



“Yu       Azalia Mirhoseini

The full program will be online by March 2019.

Attendance will require a conference pass.