Transforming the Future


ISC 2022 Program Overview

ISC High Performance is focused on bringing the most critical developments and trends in HPC, machine learning, and high performance data analytics to conference attendees.

ISC 2022 Schedule

Be it the conference program or the exhibition, the emphasis is on how to successfully apply these technologies in science, engineering and commerce.

All ISC conference sessions fall under the categories Invited Program or Contributed Program. The ISC 2022 Program Chair, Keren Bergman and Deputy Chair, John Shalf are instrumental in determining the scale and depth of both these programs.

TUTORIALS Sunday, May 29
CONFERENCE Monday, May 30 - Wednesday, June 1
WORKSHOPS Thursday, June 2


ISC 2022 Program Chair & Deputy

Led by ISC 2022 Program Chair Keren Bergman, Charles Batchelor Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, the ISC chairs and their individual committees play an active role in designing the contributed program and special tracks. They also actively assess all submissions, select presenters and award recipients.


Mission statement from the ISC 2022 Program Chair:
"My core vision for ISC 2022 is connectivity across all aspects of HPC for our diverse global community. I am immensely excited to return to our in-person conference. This will be an opportunity for us to fully connect, as well as recognize and celebrate the numerous advances our community continues to drive forward."


ISC 2022 Topics

The ISC 2022 topics explicitly address current developments critical to high performance computing, machine learning and data analytics, as well as the future advances that will shape these technologies.

All conference sessions fall under the Invited Program or the Contributed Program.

System Architecture

  • HPC Processor & Memory Evolution (incl. Silicon Photonics)
  • Parallel Computer Architecture (incl. Extreme Heterogeneity)
  • Resource Disaggregation in HPC (incl. Photonic Architectures)
  • The Road to Zetascale Computing

Applications & Algorithms

  • Computing Continuum: From Edge to Cloud
  • Climate & Weather Applications
  • New & Unconventional Applications
  • Mathematical Libraries
  • Emerging Applications for Quantum Computing
  • Mixed Precision Algorithms

Parallel Programming Models & Performance Modelling

  • HPC Workflows
  • Performance Modeling & Correctness Tools
  • Heterogeneous HPC Technologies & Programming Challenges
  • Parallel Programming Interfaces for Extreme-Scale Parallelism

Machine Learning

  • AI Applications & Interpretability (i.e. Life Sciences)
  • Ethical Implications of AI
  • Sparsity in Deep Learning
  • ML Empowering/Optimizing Classical HPC Codes
  • Bioinformatics in the Age of COVID

Quantum Computing

  • Quantum Systems - Technology Overview/State of the Art
  • Quantum Program Compilation & Optimization
  • Integration of Quantum Computers into an HPC Center
  • Quantum Internet

HPC & ML in Industry

  • Case Studies of HPC, ML & QC in Industry
  • HW and SW Requirements for AI & HPC in Industry
  • Advances for I/O & Large Data Storage Technologies in Industrial Applications


  • Education & Training
  • Containers & Virtualization
  • System Administration & Monitoring
  • Parallel File Systems
  • Neuromorphic Computing Technologies
  • Visualization & Virtual Reality