ISC 2019 Program Structure

This is how the ISC 2019 conference program is structured. Various sessions and activities are lined up under these program categories, but in an orderly fashion, making it easier for you to navigate through the conference, and select program elements that match your interest.


The ISC Invited Program is a unique collection of sessions, which present over 120 speakers who are handpicked either by the ISC program team or the session chairs. The topics addressed in these sessions are chosen by the program team and the steering committee based on the current development and trends in high performance computing.  

The ISC Invited Program comprises:

Three Keynote Sessions
Distinguished Speaker Series (more information coming soon)
The Special Tracks


All sessions in the contributed program reflect the HPC community's direct engagement in the conference program. Most of the sessions are governed by a program chair and co-chair and they are responsible for issuing the calls and reviewing the submissions.

The ISC Contributed Program comprises:

Research Papers
Research Posters
Project Posters
PhD Forum
Birds of a Feather


The events clustered here are unique because it is only once a year you are able to attend a HPC exhibition of this size and caliber in Europe. The technology powerhouses that exhibit at ISC not only showcase their latest products and services, they also actively educate attendees about the newest research developments in the field, and what to anticipate in the future.


The ISC Student Program is intended to provide students exposure to the world of high performance computing. Opportunities are available for high school, undergraduate and graduate students.

The current offering includes the:

Student Volunteer Program
ISC Student Cluster Competition
ISC STEM Day & Gala


Aligned with our goal of supporting and building the global HPC community, we offer different opportunities to welcome attendees into the community and to the conference. We also actively support the underprivileged in gaining HPC knowledge and skills required to advance their research and their career.

The current outreach program includes the:

ISC Travel Grant
ISC STEM Student Day & Gala
First-Time Attendee Session