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Vendor Program

The ISC Vendor Program complements the ISC Exhibition by providing a platform for commercial organizations to talk about the strategies that drive their offerings and business directions. Companies are also given the opportunity to demonstrate their current and upcoming solutions. As a result, this program enables HPC users from science, engineering, and commerce to receive a comprehensive overview of what products and services are available in the market, as well as what they can expect to see in the future.
(Pass type: Conference, Exhibition, Online)


Vendor Program Schedule


Monday, May 22 from 1pm-3pm (onsite and on demand)

The popular Vendor Showdown offers forward-looking presentations by industry powerhouses in HPC. The showdown is split into two sessions that run in parallel. Each speaker has a few minutes to present their organization's newest strategy, products, and research. A panel of expert moderators will then ask each speaker probing questions, making for a lively discussion.

Vendor Roadmaps

Wednesday, May 24 from 1pm-3:30pm (onsite and on demand)

Vendors in this session will satisfy attendees' curiosity about their long-term goals and what is currently in the pipeline by offering a glimpse of their product development.





HPC Intel Special

Monday, May 22 from 6:45pm-7:30pm (onsite and on demand)

AI-Accelerated HPC: Opening Doors to Solve for the World’s Toughest Problems

Localized climate modeling, new materials for renewable energy, patient-specific medicine – all rely on the availability of massive compute power fed with large data sets, and increasingly, on the integration of traditional simulation techniques with artificial intelligence to solve previously intractable problems. To accelerate these blended workloads, we need to unify diverse architectures of CPUs and GPUs with open and consistent programming models to enable developers to break-free from siloed ecosystems.

We will provide latest workload results on Intel’s existing product portfolio for HPC and AI and will discuss the silicon, software, and system-level innovations designed to minimize “energy-to-solution” and maximize research throughput for the most demanding workloads. Special guests join in-person to discuss how Intel and the open ecosystem are accelerating deployment of these innovations to achieve a future of AI-accelerated HPC.


Virtual Product Demonstrations

Monday, May 22 to Wednesday, May 24 (on demand)

Each participating exhibitor (industry or research) will present a 10–15-minute video demo of their latest technologies and solutions.

This session allows attendees to explore what's new in HPC, learn about the latest innovations, and discover new suppliers in the industry.



HPC Solutions Forum

Monday, May 22 to Wednesday, May 24 (onsite and on demand)

The HPC Solutions Forum provides a glimpse into the strategic thinking driving some of the leading companies and research institutions in the HPC space. During the session, a selection of topics offered by the event organizers will be addressed by the various representatives of these organizations. The topics encompass an array of subjects crucial to the HPC industry – from cloud computing, machine learning, and performance optimization to networks, composability, and data management. Each speaker has 20 minutes to present their take on one of these topics and how it relates to their organization’s technological and business strategies. Some talks will take place live onsite at the event venue and some will be available online as a video on demand.