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The application process for the STEM Student Day & Gala will open in spring 2020!

ISC High Performance offered about 200 regional and international STEM students the opportunity to participate for free in the conference and exhibition on Wednesday, June 19.

The students received a systematic introduction to HPC technology and its application, starting with a 2 ½-hour tutorial on HPC, machine learning and data analytics, followed by a tour of the conference exhibition in the afternoon, and a job fair and dinner reception in the evening.

All of this was possible thanks to the support and participation of our STEM Day sponsors. This initiative to build the next generation of HPC users and workers was also commended by many industry leaders and ISC attendees.

If you are interested in participating or sponsoring the ISC STEM Day & Gala in 2020, please contact us.

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For photos of the 2019 STEM Day & Gala, click here.



Organizations are finding it harder to recruit among others, scientists and engineers with HPC skills, as well as parallel programmers, algorithm developers and system administrators with HPC experience. From being a $2 billion market in 1990, high performance computing is headed toward $33 billion by 2022, which means more jobs are going to be created and graduates will need to be employed. In the meantime, HPC has also become the technological foundation of machine learning, AI and the Internet of Things.

Since the launch of the ISC STEM Student Day & Gala, we have successfully introduced over 300 international and regional university students to the HPC career landscape: the type of jobs involved, the various hiring and training organizations, and the wide array of HPC practitioners.

We also expose students to the different technologies that encompass HPC.


By sponsoring the ISC STEM Student Day & Gala, you are helping build an HPC-proficient workforce as well as establish your future user base. This is not a regular STEM event; our focus is on high performance computing and machine learning. We are committed to introducing these fields to 200 regional and international students and call upon interested organizations to join forces with us*.

You may find that you will be hiring these same students in the future. Why not acquaint yourself with them now before they graduate? In return, we ensure you a good visibility as a STEM supporter at the event. We will promote your presence through various ways – in printed literature, online marketing, during the event, and most importantly you will receive an opportunity to participate in the job fair.

The ISC STEM Student Day & Gala is attractive to organizations that offer HPC training, education opportunities, as well as employment opportunities.

*This is a non-profit program, meaning, all sponsorship monies will be spent on expanding the program to reach more STEM graduates.

More information about becoming a sponsor will be published soon. If you are interested in becoming an ISC STEM sponsor, please contact us at