Shaping Tomorrow

Vendor Showcase

There is no live exhibition this year. However, we are pleased to offer you the following online programs that will enable attendees to connect with HPC vendors:


Vendor Showdown

The popular Vendor Showdown offers forward-looking presentations by industry powerhouses in high performance computing across the globe. Each speaker has a few minutes to present their organization's newest strategy, product or research developments and answer a few in-depth questions prepared by a panel of experts.


Exhibitor Forum

The Exhibitor Forum showcases the latest technologies and future plans in the HPC industry. Topics include system architectures, interconnects, processors, memory, storage, applications and system software. The forum allows attendees to gain a compact overview of the products and services of key HPC vendors, and to learn about new developments in the field.


ISC Partner Events

We will be publishing all ISC-related partner events on this page. Please come back again to discover new events.