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Nages Sieslack: What was the impetus behind Lenovo’s new TruScale HPC as-a-service and tell us what sets it apart from HPC as-a-service offerings from other OEMs?

Noam Rosen: Cloud-based HPC is the fastest-growing segment of high-performance computing representing a noteworthy 18 percent growth over 2020, according to recently released research from Hyperion. This growth is partly due to the significant upfront investments HPC requires, and because the ever-increasing power and performance of these systems tends to become redundant more quickly than other commercial systems. It’s also because some customers are looking for greater flexibility to achieve a better return on their investments. The typical HPC cluster runs at nearly full capacity, with rapidly increasing demands for computing and storage cycles and little room for unpredictable workloads. By having an on-demand resource based on consumption, the customer can have efficient and scalable computing resources to meet their unexpected workload requirements. That is why we at Lenovo, as the #1 Supercomputer provider on the TOP500, decided to extend our TruScale service to HPC customers to assist those that prefer such an on-demand business model.

Lenovo TruScale High Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS) offers organizations of all sizes the flexibility they need to stay competitive with scalable, end-to-end solutions with a cloud-like consumption model and predictable payment options for hardware and services. The simple, comprehensive platform enables organizations to maximize their return on investment and accelerate time to value. TruScale HPCaaS gives customers the flexibility to add provisioned resources rapidly, without being hindered by procurement delays or supply chain disruptions.

What differentiates Lenovo from traditional cloud providers who enable HPC in the cloud is that we will initially offer our customers the technology solution that is installed onsite at their premises, and which will allow them to dynamically access and provision HPC resources completely on-demand. They will be able to provision resources through “push-button” access, to allow them to utilize additional computing, storage, and acceleration capabilities as needed while offering high levels of control and security with on-premise deployment. This TruScale HPC will provide seamless, protected access to data without any changes to job scripts, or potential risks associated with public cloud exposure. Lenovo’s dedicated professionals ensure that data is secure from installation to utilization and through decommissioning. These capabilities are delivered in a highly cost-effective offering, while still enjoying Lenovo’s experience designing HPC ExaScale ready systems for ‘Everyscale’ type of customer.

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