Reinventing HPC

The Event for High Performance Computing, Machine
Learning, Data Analytics & Quantum Computing

ISC High Performance 2024 connects public and industry users and technology developers in Hamburg, Germany, from May 12 – 16.

Upcoming ISC 2024 Submission Deadlines


TUTORIALS December 8, 2023

RESEARCH PAPER December 1, 2023 December 15, 2023 (final extension)



Expect an active collaborative exchange on high performance computing, machine learning, data analytics and quantum computing.

ISC 2024 - Reinventing HPC

As Moore's Law slows down and semiconductor fabrication costs rise, high performance computing (HPC) is at a critical juncture. Cloud hyperscalers are increasingly dominating computing economics by utilizing custom semiconductors. Meanwhile, AI advancements are transforming scientific computation and our approach to achieving scientific breakthroughs. However, HPC remains the core engine for enabling machine learning applications with ever-rising performance requirements.


During his keynote speech at ISC 2023, Professor Dan Reed proposed a fundamental change in the current approaches to designing and constructing high performance computing systems.

Professor Michela Taufer, ISC 2024 Program Chair, will lead the community in exploring the opportunities and challenges of reinventing HPC. The program will cover emerging technologies and new ways of interaction between HPC, AI, and Quantum Computing. The discussions will include achievements and outlooks from vendors, service providers, and users on keeping up with changes in the HPC landscape.


ISC 2024 Program Chair Michela Taufer

IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, and ISC Join Forces to Provide Full Open Access to ISC Research Papers

All accepted ISC 2024 Research Papers can be accessed through the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, thanks to Professor Michela Taufer, the Program Chair. Professor Taufer is a strong advocate for openly sharing research within and beyond the HPC community and has successfully turned the ISC vision into a reality. We are looking for proposals based on original work in theoretical, experimental, and industrial research & development in these six topic areas. Submissions will be accepted through December 1, 2023.

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ISC 2024 Calls Are Open For Submission

ISC 2024 Program is Open and Welcomes Submissions from Practitioners of HPC, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing

The ISC 2024 Calls are now open for global scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and government to contribute by presenting their work and discoveries to a community of over 3,000 attendees.

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