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ISC Group Appoints Senior Advisor to Expand the Focus of the ISC Conference Series

HAMBURG, Germany, January 16, 2023 We are pleased to announce that Eric Schnepf, the former Distinguished Engineer and Lead Solution Architect for HPC and AI at Fujitsu Central Europe, has joined us as the Senior Advisor for program development. His focus will be to develop the ISC High Performance conference further to suit the needs of the scientific and engineering community.

Schnepf, who entered the supercomputing industry over 40 years ago, is a respected member of the European high performance computing (HPC) community. He began his career by developing software for vector computers in the research group for numerical fluid mechanics at Karlsruhe University’s computer center. In this project, Schnepf performed performance measurements on various supercomputers, including the CRAY-1, CYBER 205, CRAY X-MP, and Fujitsu VP-200.

Since 1985 he has held various positions in multinational corporations, his career advancing alongside the changes and challenges in HPC. He has worked at Siemens, Siemens Nixdorf, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, and Fujitsu Technology Solutions in Munich. In the last five years, he served Fujitsu as its Lead Solution Architect for HPC and AI in Central Europe. Schnepf was responsible for designing and improving IT infrastructure solutions for innovative and compute-intensive applications like scientific simulations and deep learning for AI. Eric holds a Diploma (Master’s degree) in Mathematics from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

He is very familiar with the ISC conference as he has been attending it as an exhibitor and technical program attendee since 1986.

“I have watched ISC grow from a local and regional conference to a global event, currently attracting over 3,000 attendees from industry and government-funded agencies. In this advisor role, I look forward to supporting the ISC program chair and the invited program chairs in creating a technical program that benefits attendees across different scientific and commercial sectors.

“Ideally, ISC should address all stakeholders within the HPC community – researchers in emerging technologies, programmers, users, system administrators, providers, and vendors. I believe we have the capacity and capability to do so. I also look forward to working closely with the core team to finetune the networking opportunities at the event,” remarked Schnepf.

ISC General Co-Chair Martin Meuer said, “We are very excited to have Eric as part of the ISC core team! His expertise and understanding of the industry are outstanding. His observations on what we, as a global event, are already doing well and what we need to improve are spot on. With Eric on board, we can start filling those gaps.

“We are responsible for catering to our stakeholders the best we can. We fully understood this responsibility during the Covid era. Businesses in the industry told us explicitly that we should return as an in-person event as they need the ISC platform. Last year was a very successful ISC, and we look forward to another meaningful community event this year.”

Join ISC High Performance 2023 #ImagineTomorrow

ISC 2023 will be held at the Congress Center Hamburg from May 21 – 25. Join the HPC community of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. The exhibition will showcase the latest advancements in HPC, encompassing all the key developments in system design, applications, programming models, machine learning, quantum computing, and emerging technologies.

First held in 1986, ISC High Performance distinguishes itself as the world’s oldest and Europe’s most significant forum for the HPC, machine learning, and high performance data analytics communities.


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