Reinventing HPC

Michela Taufer to Guide the Community in 2024 to Reinvent HPC

HAMBURG, Germany, May 25, 2023 – We are delighted to introduce Professor Michela Taufer, the Jack Dongarra Professor of High Performance Computing in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, as the ISC 2024 Program Chair.

Yesterday at the closing ceremony of the ISC conference and exhibition in Hamburg, Taufer was handed over the position by the outgoing chair, John Shalf, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Under the leadership of Shalf, ISC 2023 drew in 3,105 attendees, setting a new post-pandemic record.

Taufer has been a member of various ISC committees and has consistently attended the ISC High Performance conference series for a long time. She has kept a close eye on the conference, staying up to date with the latest developments and trends in the HPC industry. Over the years, the forum has introduced emerging technologies like cloud computing, deep learning, neuromorphic computing, and machine learning, while the community was focused on developing much-needed solutions for exascale systems and applications. The conference has recently invested in dialogues between scientific and commercial users and system developers on sustainability and energy efficiency, computing beyond Moore's Law, HPC, machine learning integration, and quantum computing.

As a scientist who understands the importance of the economics of scale, Taufer wants to reduce production costs by exploring alternative technologies like AI for HPC and the convergence of HPC and cloud. Taufer said: At this year’s conference, my colleague, John Shalf challenged the community to think beyond exascale. We find ourselves at a crossroads, and my vision for the 2024 conference is to engage the ISC community to propose a bold roadmap to reinvent HPC.

“The event slogan for 2024 is Reinventing HPC, and we at ISC are ready to take over the challenge and deliver transformative and inclusive solutions.”

Taufer, originally from Italy, earned her Ph.D. in computer science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). She has a proven track record of collaborating with esteemed computational biophysics groups in various academic and research institutions. Her research focuses on enhancing software applications through advanced programmability in heterogeneous computing, such as multi-core platforms and GPUs, as well as cloud computing and volunteer computing. She specializes in performance analysis, modeling, and optimization of multi-scale applications. She has been serving as the principal investigator of several NSF collaborative projects. She also has significant experience in mentoring a diverse population of students on interdisciplinary research. Michela's training expertise includes efforts to spread high-performance computing participation in undergraduate education and research and to increase the interest and involvement of diverse populations in interdisciplinary studies.

Taufer has also expressed her desire to contribute to promoting diversity in the selection process of speakers in terms of geographic location, research fields, and gender.

As ISC conference series organizers, we are excited to have Professor Michela Taufer on board and look forward to close cooperation.


Join ISC High Performance 2024 in the #Reinventing HPC Quest

ISC 2024 will return to the Congress Center Hamburg. ISC High Performance has been organized since 1986 and is recognized as the world's oldest and Europe's most prominent conference for the HPC, machine learning, and high performance data analytics communities. In 2024, the exhibition will feature the most recent progressions in high-performance computing, covering all significant advancements in system design, programming models, applications, machine learning, quantum computing, and up-and-coming technologies.


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