Reinventing HPC

We need your involvement in ISC 2024!

I hope everyone has recharged during the holiday break and is ready for an energizing 2024.

During ISC 2023, we accepted the challenge posed by Dan Reed and committed to reconvening at ISC 2024 to create a clear roadmap for reinventing HPC. This past year, we witnessed numerous innovations, including generative AI, groundbreaking chip designs, the emergence of electric vehicles, striking images from the James Webb Space Telescope, multi-cloud advancements, and progress in quantum computing.

In 2023, the U.S., the EU, and Asia advanced notably in high performance computing (HPC). The U.S. debuted Frontier, the world's most powerful supercomputer, and showcased the scientific applications of the Aurora genAI project. Europe's microprocessor technology advancements address key areas in the broader HPC and Big Data sectors. Meanwhile, in Asia, using the Fugaku supercomputer, Japanese researchers are developing their own large language model for generative AI that centers on their language. The release on a free-to-use basis is expected in early spring this year.

ISC remains committed to being a universal hub for the HPC community, promoting diverse and widespread representation, including from Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. ISC 2024 will integrate topics such as women in data science and emerging technologies like neuromorphic computing alongside the traditional areas that ISC has historically focused on. Additionally, for the first time, ISC will provide open access to the conference research papers via the IEEE Xplore digital library to all, including communities that typically face challenges accessing technical resources. We welcome early-career individuals in HPC and researchers from various domains to access the conference contributions at no cost, enhancing inclusivity and knowledge sharing.

This is a thrilling era for those involved in high performance computing and those shaping its future. Take advantage of the opportunity to join us in Hamburg, Germany, this May. At ISC 2024, it is your chance to make your voice heard and showcase your work. The journey of reinventing HPC begins with you, and ISC 2024 is the event that will empower you in this endeavor.

Michela Taufer
ISC 2024 Program Chair

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