Imagine Tomorrow

About ISC 2023

ISC High Performance 2023 is an international conference and exhibition that fosters the growth of a global HPC community of technology providers and users. This growing community now includes machine learning, data analytics, and quantum computing practitioners. The first ISC conference was held in 1986.

At this annual forum, the community comes together to exchange visions, ideas, and knowledge and dare each other to imagine a better tomorrow. ISC 2023 will be held from May 21 – 25 in Hamburg, Germany, and expects over 3,000 international attendees.

You can participate in ISC 2023 as a contributor and exhibitor.

Important dates:

TUTORIALS Sunday, May 21
CONFERENCE Monday, May 22 - 24
EXHIBITION Monday, May 22 - 24
WORKSHOPS Thursday, May 25



Humanity strives for a better tomorrow. It’s in our DNA. Scientists and engineers challenge themselves to make this possible - from finding cures for cancer and understanding climate change, to building better aircraft and predicting calamities. High performance computing (HPC) will continue to be the “magic tool” that enables high-fidelity simulations, providing scientists and engineers the power to scrutinize theories and conduct new experiments.

If not for the exchange of vision, ideas and knowledge between the users and providers of these powerful machines, we would not have reached the exaflops milestone, nor risen to the task of merging traditional HPC with artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

As organizers of a global HPC forum, we are happy to bring this community together to dare each other to imagine a better tomorrow.


ISC 2023 logos can be downloaded here.