Imagine Tomorrow


The ISC 2023 exhibition brings together HPC vendors, universities, and research organizations worldwide to showcase their most recently developed products, technologies, and research findings.

  • A unique opportunity to meet all major vendors and research institutions in the industry.
  • Receive an overview of the current HPC market and the latest trends.
  • Learn more about the newest products and services from all over the world.
  • Interact with vendors – get one-on-one time with experts to find your answers.
  • Draw inspiration from your peers and find new approaches to meeting your challenges.
  • The AI-powered matchmaking platform will help identify your interests and introduce you to new vendors, products, services, and research projects you may not be familiar with.
  • Find new business and research partners.


Look forward to the following sessions and activities at the conference venue and online:

Vendor Showdown Vendor Roadmaps Virtual Product Demonstrations HPC Solutions Forum


Virtual Booths
Visit exhibitor pages on the event platform before, during, and after the event to learn about their offerings and get a sneak peek into their onsite activities awaiting you in Hamburg. The platform will also allow you to connect with exhibitors online and learn what sessions your favorite suppliers will be presenting in.

The more that you explore the exhibitors online, the more the AI-powered technology will be able to recommend similar organizations and products to you.


Online HPC Career Center
Find your dream job or training at the HPC Career Center, where exhibitors advertise such opportunities and look forward to connecting with you.


HPC Marketplace
Choose from a large array of products, services, and projects, which can be filtered based on specific needs and areas of interest.


There’s no exhibition without swag! Preview what exhibitors prepared for you online and onsite, take a chance to win prizes and collect exhibitor giveaways.