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ISC 2023 is the largest forum in Europe for high performance computing, high performance data analytics, AI/machine learning and quantum computing. Vendors, public institutions, and startups exhibit at ISC to connect, communicate, and collaborate with a unique set of attendees. The ISC attendee survey shows that 53 percent of participants do not visit any other HPC exhibition. The exhibition also attracts a good share of new attendees.

Exhibition packages are tailored to help the exhibitors deliver what the attendees expect to see at the show. Exhibitors also benefit from a range of channels and speaking opportunities to reach their target audience.


What we offer
  • Exclusive high-quality conference program attracting a qualified target audience.
  • An opportunity to connect with onsite and remote audiences maximizing brand exposure and lead generation.
  • Flexible exhibiting options allow you to present your organization at the venue or only online, depending on your goals, budget, and other circumstances.
  • One of the best-rated online event platforms, specifically designed to generate ROI for exhibitors and sponsors, with built-in AI matchmaking and traffic generation for physical and virtual exhibitors.
  • Online lead retrieval and onsite badge scanning app included in ALL exhibitor packages.
  • Enhanced onsite networking with online interactive tools, allowing you to target specific attendees.
  • Speaking opportunities for all exhibitors in the conference program to demonstrate expertise and thought leadership.
  • Marketing tools and campaigns that promote exhibitor and sponsor activities to the HPC community and registered attendees via the event platform, ISC website and mailings.
  • A variety of private meeting facilities included in packages and available as an add-on.
  • Experienced and reliable service partners (e.g., booth building, logistics) working with ISC exhibitors for more than 10 years, with a detailed knowledge of the event and the venue.
  • Guidance and individual support for every exhibitor and sponsor.




ISC 2022 Statistics

[source: ISC High Performance 2022]


Revenues Boarder HPC Market Area

[source: Hyperion Research 2021]