ISC High Performance Travel Grant 2018

The ISC High Performance Travel Grant (ISC Travel Grant) Program is intended to enable one university student and one young researcher who lack funding opportunities to attend the ISC High Performance conference in June 2018.

Successful candidates are required to attend the full conference program, from Sunday, June 24 through Thursday, June 28. They will be assigned a mentor, who will help them get the most out of the conference by suggesting relevant program sessions and introducing them to experts in their research field.

The Scope of the Travel Grant

The ISC Travel Grant program provides financial assistance to enable the selected candidate to attend ISC 2018. If the selected candidate is from Europe or North Africa, the maximum travel grant is 1000 euros, and for a candidate from other continents, the maximum grant is 1500 euros. ISC Group will provide the selected candidate free registration for the entire conference program.


Who is Eligible to Apply?
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age and be either currently enrolled in a university degree program or employed at a research facility in their home country.
  • If enrolled as a student, the applicant must show a keen interest in acquiring knowledge in computational or data science, and if a researcher, they must be in strong need of HPC skills to solve problems across a wide variety of compute-intense or data-intensive disciplines.
  • The applicant cannot have received any past travel funding from ISC High Performance.
  • The applicant must explain, in an English essay of 350 to 450 words, how this experience will benefit and how they intend to pay it forward.
Evaluation Committee

Applications for the ISC Travel Grant will be evaluated by the current committee, consisting of Elizabeth Leake, STEM-Trek; Julian Kunkel, University of Reading; Kim McMahon, McMahon Consulting; and Colleen Sheedy, ISC Group.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria include the applicant's need and lack of funding alternatives, the estimated cost of travel and accommodation, and how they plan to pay forward the knowledge they acquire at the conference. Naturally, applicants must also meet all the requirements listed in the “Who is Eligible to Apply” section, above.

The Application

Only complete applications made via the application form and accompanied by a letter of support from their advisor or employer, will be considered for the ISC Travel Grant by the evaluation committee. The letter of support must be printed on an official letterhead from the student’s advisor or their employer. The letter must affirm that the applicant requires funding to attend the conference, and that no other sources of funding are available.


Other background material, for example, at which stage the applicant is in their study or research, will make the application stronger.


All applicants must submit their resume or curriculum vitae, a budget that describes the requested travel expenses such as airfare (economy only), lodging, food, and other expenses necessary for attending ISC 2018 (information on Travel & Stay can be found here). The maximum amount that may be requested is 1000 euros for applicants from Europe and North Africa; and 1500 euros from those from other continents.


Applications may be submitted at any point up to May 1, 2018. The successful candidate will be notified two weeks after the application deadline, which allow them about five weeks to obtain their Germany visa, if necessary. After acceptance a passport photo image and the rights for using it have to be provided for marketing purposes to be eligible for the grant.

Important Dates

Application Deadline: May 1, 2018 AoE

Notification of Acceptance: May 15, 2018