Reinventing HPC

High Performance Computing for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) presents some of the most challenging demands in information technology, especially concerning computing power and data movement.  As a result of these challenges, high performance computing (HPC) has become a crucial enabler in the AI ecosystem, offering key technologies for meeting performance requirements and providing an active user community that is pushing AI to its limits in science and engineering.

ISC 2024 Hamburg

The ISC High Performance 2024 conference and exhibition (ISC 2024) is a great opportunity for a business, research organization, service provider, or user like you who is interested in using HPC to enhance your AI pursuits.
The event, held in Hamburg, Germany, from May 12 – 16, offers a wealth of resources and information on how HPC is empowering artificial intelligence.

ISC 2024 European HPC Exhibition

It features multiple focus sessions, workshops, and tutorials in the AI space, as well as an exhibition showcasing more than 60 companies and research organizations from around the world, all dedicated to providing cutting-edge hardware, software, and services for the AI market.


AI Focus Sessions

ISC will offer several Focus Sessions on AI.

  • Trustworthy AI for Science
    The session will encompass AI applications employed for weather and climate applications, AI-based science activities at RIKEN-CCS in Japan, and a look ahead to zettascale-level AI systems. (Monday, May 13)
  • Digital Twins
    The session will discuss the data science ecosystem for fusion energy, among other topics related to digital twin technology. (Tuesday, May 14)
  • Generative AI for Science
    The session will present AI-powered research applications in areas such as molecular biology and the study of the universe. (Wednesday, May 15)
AI-focused Workshops

ISC provides the following AI-focused workshops on Thursday, May 16.

AI-focused Tutorials
AI Exhibits

Some of the most important companies and research organizations serving the AI space will be exhibiting. These include, among many others:

  • Microsoft, a company that is collaborating with OpenAI to develop extreme-scale AI technologies
  • NVIDIA, a key provider of GPUs, tools, and system software for AI solutions
  • DDN, a traditional HPC storage vendor that is now offering purpose-built products for AI infrastructure

In addition to vendors, numerous HPC research centers exhibiting at ISC 2024 are also developing AI-based solutions, in this case, for scientific applications. While these organizations do not offer commercial products, they often provide open-source software that is available to AI developers, as well as opportunities to collaborate with companies looking to build products and services with AI technologies.


By attending ISC 2024, you will gain a unique set of opportunities to learn how to leverage HPC-powered hardware and software and the latest innovations in the field. This practical knowledge will empower you to enhance your AI pursuits and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.