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We are excited to announce the ISC High Performance 2019 conference keynote will be delivered by Professor Ivo Sbalzarini, who will speak to an audience of 3500 attendees about the pivotal role high performance computing plays in the field of systems biology. Under the title, The Algorithms of Life - Scientific Computing for Systems Biology, Sbalzarini will discuss how HPC is being used as a tool for scientific investigation and for hypothesis testing, as well as a more fundamental way to think about problems in systems biology.

We are pleased to announce two of most well-regarded figures in the HPC community will be delivering the Tuesday and Wednesday keynote addresses at this year’s event. The conference and exhibition will take place from June 16-20 in Frankfurt, Germany, and will be held at Messe Frankfurt. Over 3500 HPC enthusiasts are expected to attend this global event.

The ISC Group is very pleased to announce that the ISC High Performance Travel Grant Program is now open for applications. The evaluation committee will select two individuals – a young researcher and a student – to receive the ISC Travel Grant.