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ISC 2022 Monday Keynote

ISC 2022 Offered the HPC Community a Homecoming

After three years of the high performance computing community not having had the possibility to meet in person, 3,007 attendees and 137 exhibitors were delighted that ISC 2022 provided them the opportunity to come together as a community, catch up on technology development and trends, shop for products, and build new relationships and maintain existing ones.

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ISC 2022 Exhibition

ISC 2022 Exhibition Set to Be a Major HPC Highlight

After two years of online presence, the ISC Exhibition returns to the carpeted show floor as the first large-scale high performance computing exhibition in 2022. Out of the 135 exhibiting organizations, 125 will be present with booths at the brand-new convention center in Hamburg (CCH).

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ISC 2022 Conference Keynote

Latest Entry Requirements Related To COVID-19 Safety

Given the decrease in the number of new Covid-19 infections in the city of Hamburg, the authorities have decided to further ease health guidelines. As organizers of ISC High Performance 2022, we will be adopting similar measures. As of Sunday, May 29, we will no longer impose any admission restrictions. Anyone with a valid registration can attend the event. However, we recommend that attendees abide by the ISC 2022 Safety Standards.


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