Machine Learning Day at ISC 2018

Within the last few years, machine learning has become a vital topic within the HPC community. This is true of both vendors, who see the development as an opportunity to expand their high-performance solutions into a new and fast-growing market, and traditional HPC users, who are increasingly incorporating these techniques into their workflows to speed processing and extract greater insights.

As a result, ISC High Performance will provide a special focus on this subject matter with a one-day track on Wednesday, June 27. It is being led by Program Co-Chairs Janis Keuper, of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) and Brian van Essen, from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

Attendance will require a Conference Pass.

Principal topic areas include:

  • How machine learning applications are changing HPC architectures
  • Challenges towards scalable machine learning on HPC systems
  • Software for machine learning on HPC
  • How the technology is being applied, by both commercial users and researchers 


Chairs - Dr.-Ing. Janis Keuper & Dr. Brian Van Essen

  • “Janis
  • Brian Van Essen

Keynotes and Speakers Confirmed to Date

Two keynotes, along with a series of talks, will give attendees up-to-date insights on the rapid development in machine learning and also demonstrate how this technology can be enabled with HPC. For this, we have lined up a range of speakers from industry, academia, and the vendor community to share their expertise in this area.

Our two keynote presenters are Jack Wells (ORNL), who will deliver a talk about the Summit architecture for machine learning, and Frank Hutter (University of Freiburg), who will speak about automatic machine learning.

Our current list of speakers for invited talks includes:

There’s more to come. Stay tuned!